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New York Jets (4-12)


Date Player Status
12/28 A. Allen hand (Probable)
12/28 W. Colon knee (Probable)
12/28 N. Folk right hip (Probable)
12/28 D. Harrison illness (Questionable)
12/28 P. Harvin ankle, ribs (Questionable)
12/28 C. Ivory hamstring (Probable)
12/28 J. Jarrett shoulder (Questionable)
12/28 C. Johnson knee (Probable)
12/28 D. Landry illness (Questionable)
12/28 N. Mangold finger, ankle (Questionable)
12/28 R. Miles shin (Out)
12/28 D. Walls shoulder (Questionable)
12/28 M. Wilkerson toe, illness (Questionable)
12/27 R. Miles shin (IR)
12/21 R. Miles shin (Out)
12/21 S. Hakim quadriceps (Questionable)
12/21 J. Jarrett shoulder (Questionable)
12/21 M. Wilkerson toe (Questionable)
12/21 A. Allen hand (Probable)
12/21 W. Colon knee (Probable)
12/21 N. Folk right hip (Probable)
12/21 P. Harvin ankle (Probable)
12/21 C. Johnson knee (Probable)
12/21 N. Mangold finger (Probable)
12/21 C. Pryor shoulder (Probable)
12/14 A. Allen hand (Questionable)
12/14 J. Amaro concussion (Probable)
12/14 W. Colon knee (Probable)
12/14 N. Folk right hip (Probable)
12/14 P. Harvin ankle (Questionable)
12/14 C. Johnson knee (Probable)
12/14 T. Reilly concussion (Probable)
12/14 M. Wilkerson toe (Out)
12/7 J. Amaro concussion (Out)
12/7 W. Colon shoulder, knee (Probable)
12/7 J. Cumberland illness (Probable)
12/7 N. Folk right hip (Probable)
12/7 C. Johnson knee (Probable)
12/7 J. Kerley illness (Probable)
12/7 J. Thomas illness (Probable)
12/7 M. Wilkerson toe (Out)
12/4 G. Salas hamstring (IR)
12/1 O. Aboushi shoulder (Probable)
12/1 J. Amaro concussion (Out)
12/1 A. Barnes knee (Probable)
12/1 W. Colon knee (Probable)
12/1 J. Conner groin (Probable)
12/1 E. Decker toe (Probable)
12/1 L. Douzable ankle (Probable)
12/1 D. Harris shoulder (Probable)
12/1 C. Ivory shoulder (Probable)
12/1 J. Jarrett calf (Probable)
12/1 C. Johnson knee (Probable)
12/1 N. Mangold shoulder (Probable)
12/1 B. Powell illness (Probable)
12/1 S. Richardson low back (Probable)
12/1 M. Vick right wrist,illness (Probable)
12/1 M. Wilkerson toe (Out)
11/26 M. Wilkerson toe (Day-to-Day)
11/26 J. Amaro concussion (Day-to-Day)
11/24 O. Aboushi shoulder (Probable)
11/24 A. Barnes knee (Probable)
11/24 W. Colon knee (Probable)
11/24 T. Graham neck (Probable)
11/24 D. Harris shoulder (Probable)
11/24 C. Ivory shoulder (Probable)
11/24 C. Johnson knee (Probable)
11/24 J. Jarrett calf (Probable)
11/24 N. Mangold shoulder (Probable)
11/24 T. Reilly knee (Probable)
11/24 G. Salas wrist (Probable)
11/24 G. Smith right shoulder (Probable)
11/24 D. Walls calf (Probable)
11/9 O. Aboushi shoulder (Probable)
11/9 A. Barnes knee (Probable)
11/9 W. Colon knee (Probable)
11/9 B. Giacomini illness (Probable)
11/9 D. Harris shoulder (Probable)
11/9 P. Harvin heel (Probable)
11/9 C. Johnson ankle (Probable)
11/9 J. Kerley not injury related (Probable)
11/9 N. Mangold shoulder (Probable)
11/9 T. Reilly knee (Probable)
11/9 S. Richardson illness (Probable)
11/9 G. Salas wrist (Probable)
11/9 G. Smith right shoulder (Probable)
11/9 D. Walls calf (Out)
11/9 M. Wilkerson illness (Probable)
11/9 M. Vick foot (Probable)
11/2 O. Aboushi shoulder (Probable)
11/2 P. Adams groin (Probable)
11/2 A. Barnes knee (Probable)
11/2 W. Colon knee (Probable)
11/2 J. Cumberland shoulder, finger (Probable)
11/2 D. Davis finger (Probable)
11/2 E. Decker hamstring (Probable)
11/2 D. Harris shoulder (Probable)
11/2 C. Johnson ankle (Probable)
11/2 J. Kerley illness (Probable)
11/2 N. Mangold shoulder (Probable)
11/2 T. Reilly knee (Probable)
11/2 G. Salas wrist, ankle (Probable)
11/2 G. Smith right shoulder (Probable)
11/2 D. Walls calf, knee (Doubtful)
11/2 M. Vick concussion (Day-to-Day)
10/29 G. Smith right shoulder (Day-to-Day)
10/26 O. Aboushi shoulder (Probable)
10/26 P. Adams groin (Probable)
10/26 A. Barnes knee (Probable)
10/26 W. Colon knee (Probable)
10/26 E. Decker hamstring (Probable)
10/26 D. Harris shoulder (Probable)
10/26 C. Johnson ankle (Probable)
10/26 N. Mangold shoulder (Probable)
10/26 B. Powell foot (Probable)
10/26 T. Reilly knee (Questionable)
10/26 G. Salas wrist, ankle (Questionable)
10/26 D. Walls knee (Probable)
10/16 J. Bush quadriceps (Doubtful)
10/16 T. Reilly knee (Out)
10/16 G. Salas wrist, ankle (Out)
10/16 E. Decker hamstring (Probable)
10/16 D. Harris shoulder (Probable)
10/16 J. Amaro knee (Probable)
10/16 W. Colon knee (Probable)
10/16 B. Giacomini low back (Probable)
10/16 D. Harrison ankle (Probable)
10/16 C. Johnson ankle (Probable)
10/16 N. Mangold shoulder (Probable)
10/16 D. Nelson ankle (Probable)
10/16 D. Walls knee (Probable)
10/13 D. Milliner torn Achilles (IR)
10/13 B. Winters torn ACL (IR)
10/12 J. Bush quadriceps (Doubtful)
10/12 W. Colon knee (Probable)
10/12 J. Cumberland illness (Probable)
10/12 E. Decker hamstring (Questionable)
10/12 B. Giacomini back (Probable)
10/12 D. Harris shoulder (Questionable)
10/12 D. Harrison ankle (Probable)
10/12 C. Johnson ankle (Probable)
10/12 N. Mangold shoulder (Probable)
10/12 D. Milliner quadriceps (Probable)
10/12 D. Nelson ankle (Questionable)
10/12 D. Walls knee (Questionable)
10/12 D. Milliner Achilles (Day-to-Day)
10/5 W. Colon knee (Probable)
10/5 E. Decker hamstring (Questionable)
10/5 B. Giacomini back (Probable)
10/5 D. Harrison ankle (Probable)
10/5 C. Johnson ankle (Probable)
10/5 N. Mangold shoulder (Probable)
10/5 D. Milliner quadriceps (Probable)
10/5 D. Nelson ankle (Questionable)
10/5 C. Pryor quadriceps (Probable)
9/30 T. Bohanon broken collarbone (IR)
9/28 W. Colon calf (Probable)
9/28 E. Decker hamstring (Questionable)
9/28 D. Freeman knee (Probable)
9/28 C. Johnson ankle (Probable)
9/28 N. Mangold shoulder (Probable)
9/28 D. Milliner quadriceps (Doubtful)
9/28 D. Nelson illness (Probable)
9/28 M. Wilkerson knee (Probable)
9/28 D. Nelson leg (Day-to-Day)
9/22 N. Bellore hip (Probable)
9/22 J. Bush quadriceps (Probable)
9/22 W. Colon calf (Probable)
9/22 Q. Coples elbow (Probable)
9/22 E. Decker hamstring (Questionable)
9/22 A. Edds hamstring (Probable)
9/22 C. Johnson ankle (Probable)
9/22 N. Mangold shoulder (Probable)
9/22 D. Milliner ankle, quadriceps (Doubtful)
9/18 E. Decker right hamstring (Day-to-Day)
9/14 J. Bush quadriceps (Questionable)
9/14 W. Colon calf (Probable)
9/14 J. Cumberland not injury related (Probable)
9/14 A. Edds hamstring (Out)
9/14 I. Enemkpali foot (Probable)
9/14 D. Milliner ankle (Probable)
9/14 M. Wilkerson back (Probable)
9/7 A. Allen concussion (Probable)
9/7 N. Bellore calf (Probable)
9/7 J. Bush quadriceps (Out)
9/7 I. Enemkpali foot (Out)
9/7 D. Milliner ankle (Out)
8/20 D. McDougle torn ACL (IR)
8/20 S. Evans shoulder (IR)
8/13 T. Fugger undisclosed (IR)
8/5 J. Cunningham Achilles (IR)
8/3 B. Hardin undisclosed (IR)
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